Who is HellaPretty, Inc.?

We are a woman owned and operated company in Boulder, Colorado. Our goal at HellaPretty is to help you achieve the freshest version of your skin in an affordable and pain-free way. Our “no filters needed” approach to beauty is simple; laugh a lot and feel pretty just as you are. HellaPretty lists all ingredients for each unique product so that there aren’t any secrets around the magic happening on your skin.

What is your shipping and return policy?

HellaPretty prepares orders within 48 hours after the order has been placed unless otherwise notified.  Standard shipping time tables are used and will influence delivery times.  Orders outside of the US will be subject to additional shipping time due to customs.  We will always try our best to beat your expectations.

We cannot accept any returns of opened or tampered products. HellaPretty Inc. assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen packages due to delivery. There will be additional fees for international shipping.  Please contact [email protected] for additional support.

I have trust issues when it comes to trying new skincare products; can you tell me more about HellaPretty’s product integrity?

HellaPretty Inc. uses fresh and pure raw ingredients in all products to ensure quality.  To protect freshness and integrity of the ingredients in HellaPretty products, immediate use is recommended.  HellaPretty manufactures in small batches which may cause slight variations between product batches.

HellaPretty adheres to community standards set forth by industry guidance. HellaPretty lists all ingredients for each unique product so that there aren’t any secrets around the magic happening on your skin.

HellaPretty Inc. is committed to upholding cruelty free standards and never tests on animals.

Soooo, how does it work?

Magic! Just kidding. HellaPretty SKINCARE couples science with simple ingredients to create craft personal care products that address your skin needs. Each HellaPretty product uses select ingredients to target specific dermal challenges, though results will vary. Our preliminary testing shows that repeated use over time will reveal a noticeably improved complexion and calm problematic skin.

Do the products work on all skin types?

HellaPretty SKINCARE was designed with YOU in mind. It’s never too early to focus on personal care. Check out our “Recommended Skin Type” information listed with each product and its ingredients.

You deserve to walk with confidence in your flawless skin!

Though these products are made for all skin types, certain ingredients will target certain dermal challenges.  Since everyone’s skin is different, results will vary.

Please consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before use.

Ahhh! Why is my face red?

Everyone has different levels of melanin in our skin, so it’s common for people with fair and sensitive skin to experience redness. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.  Increased blood circulation is a good thing!  If you already know that you have sensitive skin, we recommend doing a test spot on the back of your hand before going all-in with a product.  Also, reducing the recommended time for treatments (listed individually per product) may reduce intensity.  Discontinue use if you experience severe or prolonged irritation.

Warning: Do not eat HellaPretty products. Do not put HellaPretty products in your eyes. If ingested, please contact Poison Control.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Holla at us via email at [email protected]!