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  • $13.99
    Do you have a frumpy butt and jiggly thighs?  This butt lifting mask uses natural ingredients that both hydrate and promote circulation, giving your booty and upper thighs a more toned appearance.  Includes 3 masks.
  • $12.99
    This skin brightening tissue mask uses a craft blend of natural ingredients intended to rehydrate your face after an evening of over-indulgence.  Its cooling effects will certainly bring relief to headaches associated with a rough night.  The refreshing results of this mask will help you move past regrets from your last-night’s decisions and help you take on the day with zest.  Includes 3 masks.
  • $1.99

    Crafted bath soak featuring natural magnesium alongside a therapeutic blend of rebalancing oils to deliver a calming body experience and reveal a refreshed, healthy body glow.  This recipe utilizes natural salts and minerals to detoxify the body from daily stresses and minor body aches.

  • $12.99
    Skip the invasive injections and costly in-spa facials!  This cutting-edge facial treatment uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to bring life to dull, aged, and even acne-scarred facial tissue. You will experience an almost immediate tightening as the product works to detoxify and rejuvenate your facial skin.  As the compound dries, the serums are absorbed deep in the facial pores promoting circulation and cell turnover.  Though results will vary, you will see immediate results and with continued use may experience lasting anti-aging results.
  • $2.99
    Eww! Germs are everywhere, but they don’t have to be on your hands! The aromatic experience of the Don’t Be Gross Handatizer coupled with the light, hydrating spritz will keep gross stuff at bay and make your hands grateful you didn’t choose a drying alcohol- based handatizer! This fine-mist handatizer is the perfect “on the go” size.